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Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains a list of the most commonly asked questions. Please review this list before sending a question to us.

  1. How do I create a streaming feed from my web cam?

    Robert Wisbey has written an excellent tutorial about this.

  2. I need to transfer my settings to another computer. How do I do that?

    Locate "config.xml" in your ConquerCam application data folder (%APPDATA/ConquerCam) and copy this. Then install ConquerCam on your new machine and replace its version of "config.xml" with your copied one.

  3. I have a Digital Video Camcorder. Does ConquerCam work with this?

    Most DV camcorders are not supported by ConquerCam because they are not using the "Video For Windows" protocol. However using a 3rd party product such as WebCamDV will allow ConquerCam to find your DV Camcorder and treat it as a web cam.

  4. How do I automatically refresh my HTML page every X second without an annoying "flashing"?

    You can check the scripts in the "Samples" folder under your ConquerCam installation. It will use DHTML Scripting to refresh the page without "flashing".

  5. ConquerCam freezes after I have been using it for a while. What's wrong?

    Several problems might cause this but it's almost always caused by some old device drivers either for your web cam, your USB controller or your graphics card. To solve this problem visit your hardware providers web site and check for updated drivers. You might as well check for a FAQ on these pages as well since they do in many situations contain a solution for your problem.

  6. The preview pane shows a live colour picture, but when I publish it, all it shows is a white image. Why?

    If your web cam driver uses the YV12, YVU9 or VYUY codec (also known as the 'Pixel Depth' or 'Compression' in most video drivers) it might cause some problems when grabbing the image. Change this codec to e.g. RGB 24, JPGL or another one (depending on your web cam and video driver) and it should solve this issue.

  7. How do I make a "ten recently uploaded images" functionality?

    You need to add the counter tag {cnt} in your filename. This tag will be replaced with a number when the file is uploaded. After having inserted the tag in your filename select the 'Pattern' tab and use the 'Roll over counter when reaching limit' option together with a 'Count Limit' of 10. Now the images are uploaded to your web site and you will always be able to recognize the latest image by the zero (0) filename, e.g. if you have selected your filename to be webcam{cnt}.jpg you should use webcam0.jpg.

  8. My uploaded images contains a partial opaque black line in the middle of the image. Why?

    It's the case when you are using a different image size than 320x240. The default overlay image provided with ConquerCam fits nicely on a 320x240 image but if your image is larger the overlay seems to be placed in the middle. To solve this, disable the overlay image from the Options dialog. Select the 'Images' tab and then deselected the 'Image Overlay' checkbox. Alternatively you may modify the overlay image to fit your image size.

  9. I have defined a FTP site, but ConquerCam doesn't upload any images to it?

    There could be many reasons why ConquerCam is unable to upload an image to your FTP site. The best solution is to enable FTP logging and then check the log to see what went wrong. To enable FTP logging open the Options dialog by pressing F8 on the main screen. On the "Appearance" tab, mark the "Log access to FTP Sites" checkbox and click OK. The next time you try to upload an image to your FTP site it will be logged and you will be able to see which commands have been exchanged between your machine and the FTP site. To open this log, select the File menu and then the View FTP Log ... menu item.

  10. I have lost my registration information. Are you able to resend it?

    Visit our resend page.

  11. I have 2 video input devices. ConquerCam will default to the one I don't want to use, and I don't know how to change that.

    ConquerCam uses the default video capture device on your system. You are able to change this by selecting "View | Options" and then "Video Devices". From the "Device Name" combo box, pick your device. Currently it's not possible to publish images from two different web cams at the same time, but you are able to start up multiple instances of ConquerCam to achieve the same effect.


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