Introducing Forward – my latest project

Forward is my latest project and allow you to donate your old stuff to our platform. When someone buy your stuff money goes to a charity you have chosen.

Both an iPhone and Android app is available from respective stores and you’re able to read much more about this cool project from our Forward web site.

Latest hobby project Forward hits App Store

Recently I’ve been working on a small hobby-project called Forward. This project is quite simply – donate your old, used stuff and have people donate to your chosen charity.

I’ve worked on Forward for around 3 months. It’s available in Apple App Store now and will be available for Android later this year.

The usage is simple – if you have something to share please do it and select if it’s worth either 10, 25 or 100 kroner.

Once shared people are able to claim it and once claimed the request amount will be transferred to charities bank account.

See more at or via Facebook at